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chiropractic consultation

Step 1: Consultation

During the initial consultation, we take time to get to know you, finding out who you are, exactly what brought you to seek our expertise and the goals and objectives you are wanting from chiropractic care.

Step 2: Posture

We will perform a digitised Posture analysis. Posture is the window to the spine and give clues on what is going on the inside.

Posture analysis

Step 3: Bio-well Scan

After this we will assess your energetic state by taking an electromagnetic photograph of your fingertips. Each finger is associated with a different meridian system, which corresponds to various organs and emotional states. This measures stress, energy, autonomic nervous system balance (Fight/Flight and Rest/Digest) and Chakra Alignment 

STEP 4: Muscle Testing

Following that, we will evaluate your neuromuscular strength by testing the activation of all major muscle groups. This determines how your body handles stress; the stronger you are, the more adaptable you are. 

Muscle Test
Further Chiropractic Analysis

Step 5: Further Chiropractic Analysis

Other specialised chiropractic testing helps us to better identify the root cause of your health issues.

STEP 6: Report of Findings

We will clearly explain what is going on and provide a personalised chiropractic plan for you that will help your body to recover and operate as nature intended. 

Report of Findings
getting started with chiropractic care

Step 7: Get Started

All the drugs in the world cannot adjust a subluxated vertebrae

The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease